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Bride-To-Be Gets Wedding Dress Despite Manhunt, Lockdown In Boston

BELMONT (CBS) - Medford resident Erin Banty is all smiles, but last Friday this bride to be was in panic mode. "My rehearsal dinner was rescheduled twice and I didn't know if I was getting married and that's all I wanted to do," Banty said.

Erin was supposed to get married on Saturday in Boston, but with the entire city on lockdown due to the manhunt for the marathon bombing suspect, she feared her dream wedding would have to be postponed. She did her best to remain calm. "I would start sobbing and then I felt bad because there were much bigger things happening," Erin confessed.

To top off the chaos, her wedding dress was also on lockdown inside Allegria Bridal on Belmont Avenue in Belmont. The salon is just a few streets away from where police captured the second suspect. Bridal shop owner Tracey Moran says after pleading with Belmont Police, she was able to drive into the city and meet up with a courier and quickly grab the wedding dress.

"All the police cars were racing around and at the time I got the dress that's when police caught the guy in the boat. I couldn't get out of there fast enough," Moran said.

With the suspect in custody the wedding went on as scheduled. "I needed to get her the dress. This was her dream she's been waiting for and it was my job to do that," Moran said.

Erin says she is the happiest bride and in the world. "There are so many nice people out there who helped me. It's shocking," Erin said.

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