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Favre: I Don't Think Tom Brady Was Cheating

BOSTON (CBS) -- While Tom Brady has been under fire ever since the release of the Wells Report, Brett Favre has come to his defense.

The former Packers quarterback and future Hall of Famer joined Fox News earlier this week, and said he doesn't think Brady is a cheater. The Patriots quarterback was suspended for four games earlier this week for his role in the recent Deflategate controversy.

Favre said the controversy is the first he's ever heard of deflating footballs, but found it laughable when it first came to light back in January. He understands why the NFL launched an investigation on the matter, but doesn't think this should tarnish Brady's image.

"I don't think by any stretch, in my opinion, that Tom was cheating," Favre told Fox News. "It sounds crazy, but historically, there's been stealing of signs — and that goes to baseball and football. Just whatever advantage you could get; Lester Hayes putting Stickum on his arms with the Raiders. Pine tar. It's just endless, the advantages that players would try to get.

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"I don't know if Tom could honestly say he has completed more passes because of it," said Favre, who threw 508 touchdowns over his 20-year NFL career. "I think more than anything, it helped with the grip based on conditions. Would other players do it? Sure, I have no reason to think otherwise."

Favre said that even with this controversy, Brady will go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

"I think he is, if not the best, one of the best all time. I think what the guy has done is incredible," Favre said of Brady. "[Joe] Montana, in my mind, will go down as the best ever, at least in my generation. Tom isn't far behind -- if he even is behind."

Brady has hired NFL nemesis Jeffrey Kessler and is expected to appeal his suspension on Thursday. The Patriots were also fined $1 million and were docked a pair of future draft picks by the league.

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