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Brawl Breaks Out At Women's Pro Football Game In Somerville

SOMERVILLE (CBS) - Police had to  intervene in a bench-clearing brawl at a women's professional football playoff game in Somerville on Saturday between Boston Militia and the D.C. Divas.

Watch: Full Video of the Brawl

The teams have been rivals for many years, and during Saturday's game emotions reached a boiling point.

Throughout the game, players and coaches say the teams were talking trash towards each other, and after an interception at the end of the game, things turned physical.

"It was festering but you never thought it would've got to that point," said Boston's quarterback Allison Cahill.

Boston Militia defensive back Jennifer Powell says all she can remember is having her helmet ripped off her head and then getting attacked by D.C. Diva players.

"A large amount of the girls came over and I had cleat marks on my back," said Powell.

Derrick Beasley, the Boston Militia head coach, witnessed the entire fight and he's still in shock over what happened.

"Players grabbed Powell's face mask and took her helmet off then starting beating her on the side line, then the entire sidleline starting kicking her," explained Beasley.

Powell plans to press charges against the D.C. Diva who started the brawl.

"I think she needs to be held accoutable for what she did," Powell said.

Even after this traumatic event, The Militia still came out on top after a 55-34 win.

The team went 10-0 this season, and with Saturday's win, they qualified for the National Conference Championship on July 21 against the Chicago Force.

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