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After Outcry, Braintree Keeps High School Football Game On Thanksgiving Morning

BRAINTREE (CBS) – Extreme temperatures are forcing some high schools to move their annual Thanksgiving Day games and not everyone is happy about it.

In Braintree, administrators moved the game against Milton to Wednesday, then under pressure, changed it back.

"We heard from a lot of kids and families that they want to play on Thanksgiving Day, they want to play at 10 a.m. despite the weather," said Braintree Mayor Joe Sullivan.

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The outcry started online with junior guard James Daly. "We'll play in anything," Daly said. "It's the last game for the seniors, they deserve to play and continue the

Team captain Billy Silvia says tradition outweighs the weather. "We've been looking forward to our last game being the Thanksgiving game for many years now, growing up together we all want to spend that time, that noontime after the game just win or lose with your teammates for the final time," Silvia said.

Even the coach said his players' rejection of a Wednesday game against Milton was a good civics lesson. "The kids really pushed for this to be played on Thursday," said Coach Brian Chamberlain. "I'm a history teacher as well and this is democracy at its greatest I guess."

Arlington High School and Arlington Catholic are among the roughly two dozen high schools that have already moved the game from Thursday to Wednesday because of the cold and it's a disappointment to some of the players.

"To be honest it's going to feel different not playing an actual Thanksgiving game," said AJ Tello of Arlington Catholic.

The Arlington Catholic football team practiced together Tuesday night for the last time.

"A lot of other high schools besides us made the move you know they're trying to watch out for the kids I think that's the most important thing," said Arlington Catholic Coach Anthony Petrelis. "I think the game speaks for itself. It's a pretty exciting game."

Arlington High School will host Arlington Catholic Wednesday at six o'clock where the temperatures are expected to be in the 30s instead of the teens they could have experienced if the game was still on Thursday.


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