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Mother, Son Narrowly Escape Being Hit By Train In Braintree

BRAINTREE (CBS) – A mother and her teenage son narrowly escaped a speeding commuter rail train Friday afternoon.

Kerin Joy and her 15-year-old son, Jacob, were sitting at the railroad tracks on John Mahar Highway around one o'clock. Their Ford Fusion was rear ended.

"I didn't see the car from behind me. I just felt the impact of it. And I was in shock. I could hear the train coming but I couldn't see it. I looked over at my son and he said, 'get out of the car!'" said Kerin.

Braintree train crash
Jacob and Kerin Joy (WBZ-TV)

Kerin says she was paralyzed in the moment.

"I ran to the sidewalk, it maybe took me 20 seconds to get there and turnaround and the train had hit my car," said Kerin.

Only 16 seconds separated the Joys and that train. It plowed into their car as they watched in horror.

"It was so surreal. It wasn't real to me," said Kerin.

Braintree Commuter Rail Crash
A vehicle could be seen with front end damage following the crash. (Image Credit: Braintree Fire Department)

Kerin credits her son with saving both of their lives.

"I'm so thankful to Jake that he told me to get out of that car. He saved our lives. I don't know if I would have gotten out," said Kerin.

Authorities say the driver of the vehicle who hit them will likely be cited.


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