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Bradley Jay: 'Dinner And A Question'

My name is Bradley Jay and I host the Jay Talking radio show which airs weekday mornings on WBZ NewsRadio 1030 from midnight to five. Like the Jay Talking Facebook page.

Consider this:

Bradley Jay: 'Dinner And A Question'

Imagine that President Obama is visiting your town and as a public relations move, he asks his people to find an average citizen to join him for dinner, and it turns out to be you. Immediately you envision taking a selfie with the Leader of the Free World, but think better of it. (Good for you!) Instead you concentrate on the evening ahead.

Dinner begins at 7:00 sharp. You order the surf and turf and pair it with a glass of Mi Seuno Cabernet Sauvignon, which you know the President will appreciate. You have done your research.

During the course of the meal, President Obama asks you if you have a question for him, and he promises to answer completely and directly, with no political double speak. You seize this opportunity to get a real answer to any question that the President has the power to answer. You leave all on-line vitriol at the door and promise yourself to ask a meaningful question and listen with respect.

What would you ask?

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