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Brad Stevens Ready To Help In Celtics' Pursuit Of Free Agents

BOSTON (CBS) -- A busy summer awaits Brad Stevens and his Boston Celtics, but he'll get his first look at some of his newest players on the court in the coming weeks.

With four new draft picks added to the team last Thursday, Stevens is excited for the upcoming Utah Jazz and Las Vegas Summer leagues, with games beginning Monday night in Utah. While he saw plenty of Terry Rozier, R.J. Hunter, Jordan Mickey and Marcus Thornton leading up to the NBA Draft, now Stevens will get to see them play in games in Celtics uniforms.

"It's a pretty mature group that wants to work and wants to contribute towards winning. That's a real positive thing and they'll start summer league practice tomorrow. I look forward to starting on the court with them," Stevens told 98.5 The Sports Hub's  Zolak and Bertrand on Tuesday.

Stevens said for Boston's rookies, the summer league will go a long way in their early transition into the NBA.

"Your offseason is when you make yourself a player. Our opportunity to get out here in summer league and do 5-on-5 work, put in some system things as they get ready for the summer league is a great, brief intro to the NBA.

"Just like they're going to learn a ton, we're going to learn about them," added Stevens. "That's why these 20 days, and specifically the first four, are really important."

But summer league isn't all that's on Stevens' plate this offseason. The Celtics have a glut of guards on their roster, and the coach has no idea how that will play out on the depth chart when the regular season rolls around. He knows the roster is a work in progress and far from done, and is hoping Danny Ainge can add some game-changers to the mix via free agency or on the trade market.

"I think we've got to add some pieces, no question about it. We have to get some guys who can play some of the forward positions to round out our team," he said. "Every team has to have good guard depth, but it has to have good depth across the board."

While he's touted as one of the best young coaches in the game, Stevens doesn't see himself as a big draw for potential free agents, but he's willing to do whatever Ainge needs him to do to get those players in a Celtics uniform.

"I'll be really active. Anything they need me to do I'm here to do; if we need to travel, to have people here, have me make calls, whatever it be I'll do it, no question about it," he said. "I don't look at myself as a draw; you come to Boston to play in front of this fanbase and be part of the 17 banners that are hanging and are part of Boston tradition, in pursuit of the 18th.

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"That's something that should speak to the guys who really appreciate the history and tradition of the game, and understand just how much this place means," said Stevens. "If you get a guy who understands all of that, you've probably got a heck of a teammate."

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