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Brad Stevens Explains Difference In Coaching NBA vs. NCAA On Gresh & Zo

BOSTON (CBS) - Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens appeared on Gresh & Zo Friday for his first of many weekly appearances.

A number of topics were covered as Gresh and Zolak tried to get to know the newest coach in town, but the discussion began with the guys congratulating Stevens on the first NBA win Wednesday night over the Utah Jazz.

The former Butler University coach said it was nice to get the victory, but added he doesn't get overly-excited about wins. It's important to "move onto what's next" and "focus on the task at hand" - which is a showdown against the Magic tonight in Orlando.

Gresh and Zo were interested to pick Stevens' brain on the differences between coaching in the NBA versus the NCAA, what his first "wow moment" was, and how coach Stevens is adjusting to it all.

"I went from a job in college basketball that I really knew inside and out with regard to how the calendar worked, the recruiting periods. I knew our recruiting challenges, I knew the things we had to do to keep where we need to be, and also knew the potential pitfalls and how to address those immediately," said Stevens.

He continued, "It's really a whole different world being in the NBA in a lot of different ways. But first and foremost, it's about getting a group to come together to play team basketball, to play together as well as they can. That's a real challenge in any situation, but it's a real challenge when you have a brand new staff and a ton of new players coming together."

Stevens has been impressed with his team's effort so far, even though it hasn't always led to results. They've played every team tough and could've won every game if not for a few mistakes. The coach admitted that the team won't look 100% right until Rajon Rondo returns to action.

As far as his biggest "wow moment" - it was when he was down in Orlando for summer league and realized how much he had to learn.

Stevens elaborated on that learning process, and which coaches and staff members have helped with the adjustment. Lastly, Gresh & Zo wanted to know about Gerald Wallace - a veteran player who appears to be frustrated by his recent move to the bench.

Stevens called Gerald Wallace "my kind of guy" and added that "I'm glad he's on our team."

Listen to the full interview below:

Brad Stevens Explains Difference In Coaching NBA vs. NCAA


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