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Brad Stevens Describes His Relationship With Bill Belichick

BOSTON (CBS) -- During the broadcast of Game 2 between the Celtics and Bucks on Tuesday, the cameras caught Celtics president of basketball operations chatting in a suite with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Duke women's head coach Kara Lawson. It was quite the collection of coaching experience and acumen.

On Thursday, Stevens was asked during his weekly radio interview what the conversation was about. Stevens ended up speaking at length about his relationship with the coaching legend.

Here's what Stevens said on Toucher & Rich:

I've gotten a chance to know him pretty well over the years, and he's been nice enough to let me come down to several practices and some OTAs. And we've spent some time at our games as well back when I was coaching, he would pop his head in before the game and then a couple games this year, he's come up and spent a quarter with us. It's really nice of him to do that.

He had a number of his staff over there the other night, watching the game and so it was it's always good. Mostly small talk, but, we will occasionally get into some similarities between what we're doing and what they're doing just from a structural and play standpoint. There are some, I found that to be the case, especially the way that they defend and the way they try to take away an opponent's play by disrupting it at the point of attack. It was something that I thought Milwaukee did a good job to us in Game 1 and we tried to do and have always tried to do. And there are some offensive similarities, though not much.

But mostly small talk, not about sports. I mean, he's a really good guy. He's really -- I don't know how ell you guys know him or whatever, but just very funny. Obviously, has great insights. He's a person that you could sit and listen to talk about building a cohesive group and everybody pulling in one direction and doing all of the things that lead to winning every day all day. But he's always been really good to me.

Belichick and Stevens have developed a relationship in the former Celtics coach's near-decade of being in Boston, with Belichick speaking to the Celtics prior to the start of their postseason run in 2020.

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