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Boston's Best Secret Bars

Everyone enjoys that all important "coolness factor" that comes along with knowing a secret, hidden gem destination; the sort of tucked away bar or club which still lurks outside of the public eye. Being able to say "we knew about it first" makes us feel proud of our street smart knowledge, and allows hosts to wow visiting guests or family with an off-the-beaten path assessment of the city. Here are some of Boston's best secret bars––at least, for the time being, anyway.
Nightlife & Music Secret Bars, Champagne Lounge @ Rumba
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Champagne Lounge @ Rumba
Intercontinental Hotel

510 Atlantic Ave
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 747-1000

The Champagne Lounge at Rumba is literally a secret within a secret; the sort of place that makes the visitor feel like Alice through the Looking Glass with its out-of-the-way charm. The Rumba bar serves the International Hotel guests and city clientele fabulous rum and cocktail drinks from all over the world, but the bar's hidden Champagne Lounge is an even more exotic experience. Located behind two sumptuous mahogany and gold encrusted doors is where you'll find this lounge. Draped in red and embracing a "Moulin Rouge" theme of lovely decadence, the goddess Venus emboldens all of the lounge's romantic charms as the location's official mascot, welcoming intimate conversation and flirtatious laughter long into the night.

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Nightlife & Music Secret Bars, Lower Depths
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The Lower Depths
476 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 266-6662

Although The Lower Depths is located ultra-close to the historic Fenway Park over on Commonwealth Avenue, don't expect any sort of Cask n' Flagon shenanigans here, but rather a more subdued post-ballgame brew spot. Offering plenty of beers and specialty hot dogs for the hungry sports fan, The Lower Depths also benefits from being a cheaper alternative to many of the tourist spots and sight-seeing options, ensuring that your money can be used toward bigger, better and more important things, such as another round of drinks. IT'S CASH ONLY!!! So hit up the bank or ATM before you visit. Loud music is the norm here, so make sure you're ready for a down 'n dirty good time when you hit up The Lower Depths.

Nightlife & Music Secret Bars, Bleacher Bar
Photo Credit: Bleacher Bar via Facebook

Bleacher Bar
82 Lansdowne St.
Boston, MA 02228
(617) 262-2424

The Bleacher Bar is yet another go-to Fenway neighborhood destination that still has enough local charm to classify as a "hidden gem," simply due to its neat little location. Tucked beneath the Green Monster bleachers on Lansdowne Street, the Bleacher Bar boasts ice cold drinks and mouth watering burgers as its claim to fame, while also standing out as an ace stand up comedy destination. Carved from the former away team batting cages, the Bleacher Bar may be cramped quarters at times, but it's totally worth the intimate, Fenway Park experience. Little to no major advertising has earned the Bleacher Bar a top spot as one of the city's smartest secret gems.

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Nightlife & Music Secret Bars, Jose McIntyre's
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Jose McIntyre's
60 Milk St.
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 451-9460

With a name like Jose McIntyre's Mexican-Irish Restaurant and Bar, you just know that you're in for one heck of an original good time. Located within the city's Financial District, Jose McIntyre's specializes in two things: the aforementioned Mexican-Irish fusion, and collegiate dancing/drinking/flirting shenanigans. Jose McIntyre's is a two level facility, which means plenty of place to get your swerve on without worrying about whether or not you'll bump into a co-worker on Saturday night. Instead, Jose Mac's is the perfect place to live or re-live that college day carelessness in secret, without the stress of a high profile Bostonian hang out.

Nightlife & Music Secret Bars, Durty Nelly's
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Durty Nelly's
108 Blackstone St.
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 742-2090

Proudly proclaiming dive bar status amongst its list of accomplishments is Durty Nelly's, the uniquely named pub which also doubles as one of Boston's down 'n out secret gem destination for those seeking to embrace their inner pub crawl adventurer. Intimate and Irish in setting, Durty Nelly's has found a welcoming audience in the Faneuil Hall area, due to the friendly and attentive bar staff and prime, understated location. A mere hop, skip and jump away from the farmer's markets nets you a legit, dyed-in-the-wool dive with plenty of sass for those willing to dig deep and uncover some of Boston's city secrets.

George Pacheco has been writing professionally about arts and entertainment for over a decade. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, George currently resides in a humble New England home with his wife, cat and massive music and film collection. His work can be found at

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