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Boston's Best Salons For Hair Extensions

Hair Extension
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When it comes to beauty, the one thing everyone can agree on is that there is nothing worse than bad hair extensions. From the type of hair to the technique used to weave them into your hair, there are a lot of choices that can change how the final outcome looks. With so many salons offering them, it's hard to tell where to get good hair extensions in Boston. For the best salons in Boston for hair extensions, look no further than the following places.

NV My Hair
231 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 834-3333

NV My Hair is owned and run by Nancy V. Brown, who is also president and founder of Charmed Boston, a non-profit organization that donates makeovers to those who are battling hair loss due to illness. On top of her charitable work, Nancy Brown has done hair for Covergirl Cosmetics, Calvin Klein and Essence magazine. Now Bostonians can get the same runway-ready hair from this experienced hair stylist. Clients rave about the ease of getting an appointment and how fast it is to get hair extensions done at NV My Hair. The salon's Newbury Street location makes it easy to get to from anywhere in the city.

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Charlotte Phinney
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 947-3309

Charlotte Phinney and her team of stylists are a rarity in this day in age: They will actually come to you to give you some of the best hair extensions, make up and make overs in the area. With a focus on bridal parties, Charlotte Phinney and company have won the Best of The Knot for bridal beauty. They've also done hair and make up for an impressive list of clients that include President Barack Obama, Yo-Yo Ma and Arianna Huffington. Their willingness to travel to the place that suits you best makes them unique among Boston's hair extension providers. Oh, and they'll provide hair extensions you'll rave about as much as you will their service.

Venus Cosmetics
32 Prospect St
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 492-0870

If you just can't bring yourself to trust anyone else to do your hair, you can get everything you need to do your own hair extensions right here at Venus Cosmetics. It offers a wide range of products, including top-of-the-line real human hair. While the store is primarily geared toward African American beauty, there are still plenty of hair extension options for anyone of any ethnicity. Nothing can beat the great advice you can get from the friendly and knowledgeable sales associates. Proceed with caution: If you don't have hair experience, extensions are not something to try at home.

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L' Elegance Art Et Coiffure
105 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 536-1290

L' Elegance Art Et Coiffure takes an individualized approach to hair extensions and styling. Each client is carefully consulted to get the best look tailored specifically to her wants and needs. The salon offers everything from hair extensions to unique hair color to day spa treatments. Stanley is a particular favorite among L' Elegance Art Et Coiffure clients when it comes to hair extensions. Be warned, the individuality of the salon extends to its hair stylists and prices as well. As in many salons, the more seniority a stylist has, the greater the price, so if you are on a budget, be sure to let the receptionist know that when scheduling your appointment.

Jean-Pierre & Co
116 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 262-4660

While not the most affordable place to get hair extensions, Jena-Pierre & Co is worth every single penny. This Newbury Street salon offers top-of-the-line hair extensions and great service. The staff is friendly and more than willing to work with you to get you exactly the look you're going for. Unlike many Newbury Street hair salons, the atmosphere is extremely down to earth, friendly and not at all pretentious. The shop is set back at street level, so your first time there it can be easy to walk right past it. Make sure you give yourself a few extra minutes to get yourself in the right place, then get ready to be wowed by your new hair.

Renee Mallett is the author of several books about art, culture, and New England. She was the owner and director of an art gallery and has written about arts and entertainment on a national level for several print and online journals. Her work can be found at

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