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Boston's Best Historically Significant Bars

The city of Boston has so much history that many people often overlook less talked about, yet key locations to check out while visiting. Visitors and locals alike tend to do tours, walk cobblestone streets, or check out museums, but there are quite a few bars in the city that are jam-packed with pretty amazing stories themselves. In the 1700s, bars and taverns were used as meeting places for men readying themselves for things to come, and many (like Paul Revere) would enjoy a beer while making important plans. Check out Boston's best historically significant bars below.

Bell In Hand
(Photo Credit: Bell In Hand)

Bell In Hand
45 Union St.
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 227-2098

Built in 1795 by Boston's town crier, Jimmy Wilson, the Bell in Hand is known as "American's oldest tavern." The bar got its name from the bell that Wilson used to carry around with him to deliver news. Both Daniel Webster and Paul Revere frequented this bar, which is quite a popular spot in the city. Of course, you may not get a chance to appreciate the history-rich atmosphere if you head over there at night. With big televisions and a DJ, it's hard to believe the Bell in Hand is so old! If you're really going to enjoy a piece of history, try lunch or an early dinner.

The Green Dragon Tavern
(Photo Credit: The Green Dragon Tavern)

The Green Dragon Tavern
11 Marshall St.
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 367-0055

The Green Dragon Tavern was established in 1654, and played a significant role in the War of Independence. It was at this tavern that someone overheard plans to invade Lexington and Concord, and it's where Paul Revere's ride was planned out. Both he and John Hancock were considered regulars here. The tavern has grown with the times, and there are pop music (Top 40) cover bands that play every Thursday through Sunday, bringing the bar right into 2015 with ease.

biddy early's
(Photo Credit: Biddy Early's/Facebook)

Biddy Early's
141 Pearl St.
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 654-9944

Located in Boston's financial district, Biddy Early's is considered a quintessential dive bar. Aside from being history-rich, most people love this place because the drinks are super cheap. It's one of the oldest dives in the city, and is always there when you need it. In 2013, the bar was given props for staying open, and serving patrons while there was a massive manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers.

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(Photo Credit: Randy Yagi)

84 Beacon St.
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 227-9605

You simply cannot think historic bars in Boston without thinking Cheers! Of course, this bar is filled with tourists every day of the week, and people from all over the world want to check it out. Now, there is nothing out of this world about Cheers -- it's really just a bar that was inspired by a popular television show. However, people flock here for the name, and it has been around for decades. It was first called the Bull & Finch Pub in 1969, but changed to Cheers in 1982.

Warren Tavern
(Photo Credit:

The Warren Tavern
2 Pleasant St.
Charlestown, MA 02129
(617) 241-8142

Another favorite spot of Paul Revere's, The Warren Tavern is quite special to the city of Boston. Doctor Joseph Warren (for whom the bar is named) was the one who sent Paul Revere and William Dawes to Lexington on April 18, 1775. The bar was built in 1780, and was a meeting place for some pretty important people... like George Washington! The building the bar is in was one of the first that was built after the British burned Charlestown.

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Boston-based writer Effie Orfanides keeps up with all of the latest happenings in her city. She loves eating at Boston's hotspots, having drinks at the trendiest bars, and enjoying all that Boston has to offer. Her work can be found at

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