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Boston's Best Five Kid-Friendly Alternatives To The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl, while wildly popular, does cater more to an older demographic than it does to children. Unfortunately, most of what there is to do on Super Bowl Sunday has to do with the Super Bowl. Kids are usually sent off to play while the adults have a Super Bowl party, or they sit there with their parents hoping against hope that the cartoons will come back soon. It does not have to be that way in Boston, as there are plenty of family-friendly things to do that have nothing to do with football.

Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group founders Phil Stanton, Chris Wink and Matt Goldman pose for a photo at the Blue Man Group's 20th anniversary reunion show to benefit The Blue School at the Astor Theater on April 13, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Blue Man Group
Charles Playhouse
74 Warrenton St.
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 426-6912

The Blue Man Group puts on a fun, vibrant and often hilarious performance at the Charles Playhouse twice on Super Bowl Sunday. Therefore, adults who are not big fans of football can take the kids to do something people of all ages enjoy. It is bright, exciting, innovative, technological, whimsical and much more. The music and visual effects are great for kids and will give them a day just as special as that of any football fan.

New England Aquarium
(Photo Credit: New England Aquarium/Facebook)

New England Aquarium
1 Central Wharf
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 973-5200

The New England Aquarium is a magical place any day of the year. Exhibits range from colorful spectacles to adorable creatures. A recent redesign has this attraction housing thousands more animals. Kids can check out mammals like harbor seals, birds like rockhopper penguins and fish that include sharks. This is a learning experience that transcends age. The adult who decides to forego the Super Bowl and take a trip to this aquatic haven is in for a real treat.

Museum of Science
(Photo credit: Museum of Sceience/Facebook)

Boston Science Museum
1 Science Park
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 723-2500

The Boston Science Museum is a perfect example of how learning can be fun. There is something exciting around every corner. Interactive exhibits are virtually everywhere. From a small black widow hanging out in the hallway to a massive Van de Graaf generator in the electricity, robotics and weather area, it is as if this place was made to capture the attention of children. In the process, it also captures the attention of adults who get to sit in space capsules and lay on beds of nails to test their strength using science.

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Diablo Glass School

Diablo Glass School
123 Terrace St.
Boston, MA 02120
(617) 442-7444

Take the kids to see something really cool at the Diablo Glass School. For a few hours on Super Bowl Sunday, the school will be showing families what glass blowing is all about. Furthermore, for an additional $10 per participant, the kids can get glass pendants that guests make right there in the school. Adults and kids who get a chance to see this will never look at glassware the same again.

Children's museum
(photo credit:

Boston Children's Museum
308 Congress St.
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 426-6500

People who are looking to do something with kids any time of year can turn to the Boston Children's Museum. This place is dedicated to teaching children in a fun and interactive environment. There may not be much for adults who are skipping football to bring the kids to the museum, but watching all of the children have a blast can be pretty fun too. KidStage, the Art Studio, Bubbles and the Construction Zone are just a few exhibits where kids can dress up, get their hands dirty, build and play.

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Shelly Barclay is a professional freelance writer and amateur author. She writes on a variety of topics from food to mysteries. She loves to share the culture and rich history of her birthplace and home, Boston, with the rest of the world. Her work can be found at

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