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Boston's Best Electronic Bands

Electronic music gets the party started and gets the room dancing. Don't think you need to travel to New York to experience these fun, upbeat bands when there are some in your own backyard. Check out these bands and duos that originally hail from Boston. Some have a national tour schedule now but they always come back to entertain their hometown. The next time you need to dance to a solid beat, look for Boston's best electronic bands.
Anarchy Club
Photo credit: Facebook/Anarchy Club

Anarchy Club

Anarchy Club is an electronica/alternative rock duo. Keith Smith, a former member of C60, provides vocals and guitar, while Adam von Buhler, a former member of Splashdown, plays drums, guitar and bass. The pair's latest EP "Pulling Back the Veil" features a guest appearance by Alice Ishbel Watson from Kirkcaldy. The duo prides itself on never using auto-tune on any of the songs. Book Anarchy Club for your next dance party here.

Photo credit: Facebook/Vanna


Vanna was formed by guitarists Evan Pharmakis and Nicholas Lambert. They later added bassist Shawn Marquis, vocalist Davey Muise, lead guitarist Joel Pastuszak and drummer Eric Gross. The group's latest album "Preying/Purging" was self-released in December. The band recently signed with Pure Noise records and will be participating in the Vans Warped Tour this summer. If you are looking to catch a local show, Vanna will be back in Massachusetts in July. Find other tour dates here.

Photo credit: Facebook/Bearstronaut


Bearstronaut was founded in 2007 and is made up of members David Martineau, Paul Lamontagne, Nate Marsden and Philip Boisvert. This quartet is known for causing instant dance parties with their music. The group has also built its following with its energetic performances and high-quality home recordings. After releasing the home recorded EP "Paradice" in 2012, the song "Passenger Side" has been played in Fenway Park and at major fashion stores throughout the nation. Find the Bearstronaut local tour dates here.

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Photo credit: Facebook/Anti_Theory


Anti_Theory is the musical collaboration of lyricist Rumel Mahmood and composer Odi Jin. They were both influenced by the sub-stream music of the United States and Europe, and came together to launch this project that represents their philosophy and lifestyle. The pair is known for challenging the mainstream genres of music with original vocal narratives and musical compositions. Anti_Theory's blend of electronica, hip hop, emo and indie rock makes it hard to place its musical style in one genre.

SPF 5000
Photo credit: Facebook/SPF 5000

SPF 5000

SPF 5000 is composed of producer Rob Phillips and songwriter Amy Douglas. The duo writes and produces all of its own music and is inspired by other groups that do the same, including The Neptunes, Chic and The Eurythmics. The pair's blend of music samples hip hop, disco, dirty house, NYC/Bronx freestyle and electro. You can find SPF 5000 composing hit songs, creating DJ mixes, polishing remixes and collaborating with other artists as they prepare to take over the world of EDM.

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