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Boston's Best Bars To Watch College Football

There's a communal element to watching live games for many Boston sports fans; getting friends together with fried food and beer is the perfect backdrop to an afternoon at a favorite bar or pub. There are plenty of Boston bars that follow collegiate sports, particularly college football. Whether it's your alma mater, or you're simply a fan of the school, here are five of the best city bars to watch college football.
Bleacher Bar
Fenway Park
82 Lansdowne St.
Boston, MA 02228
(617) 262-2424
www.bleacherbarboston.comThe Bleacher Bar is a Fenway Park staple, a pub located squarely on right field which shows plenty of college football games on its televisions during the baseball off-season. Between the legendary Fenway Park atmosphere, the cold beer and the tasty pub food, the Bleacher Bar is a solid choice to gather your favorite crew and watch the game.

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Sports Grill Boston
132 Canal St.
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 367-9302
www.sportsgrilleboston.comLocated between Causeway Street and Chapel Place near Boston North Station, Sports Grill Boston is a nice, unassuming place to kick back and watch the game, perfect for those lazy, dressed-down weekend afternoons with friends or for an early evening meal. Sports Grill Boston also makes a great post-game destination for fans searching for an affordable yet satisfying meal that won't break the bank. So avoid the crowded Canal Street lines and check this joint out next time.
The North Star
222 Friend St.
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 723-3222
www.northstarboston.comThe North Star is another cool spot to watch college football. It's a spacious joint with friendly, attentive service and stick-to-your-ribs bar food classics. Sliders, chicken tenders and fries make up the lion's share of the menu here, making the atmosphere here just right for an afternoon or evening watching the game.
Corner Tavern
421 Marlborough St.
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 262-5555
www.thecornerboston.comHeading to the Back Bay next, we hit up Corner Tavern, located on Marlborough Street in between Massachusetts Avenue and Hereford Street. The Corner Tavern is a great, neighborhood pub sort of place with a great atmosphere; a fitting spot for just about any group of friends to hunker down and watch some college football without having to worry about rude service or exorbitant prices. It's cozy, friendly and certainly worth your time.

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The Four's
166 Canal St.
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 720-4455
www.thefours.comThe Four's has been a go-to bar and restaurant over an Canal Street for many Boston sports fans for some time now, always serving up fine food and drink with a nearly bulletproof reputation amongst the joint's many fans. There are tons of televisions here for all types of sports fans, with plenty of space set aside to cover college football games across the board. Add to that fact The Four's and its famous "Bobby Orr" steak sandwich, and you have yourself one solid gold bar to watch the game.

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