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Boston Woman Charged With Trying To Extort Lawyer For Breast Implants

BOSTON (CBS) - A Boston woman is charged with trying to extort money from a lawyer so she could get breast implants.

It all started with a car accident in South Boston on Sunday. Police say the lawyer brushed up against Deborah Yi with his car. She was walking at the time and says she wasn't hurt. She later called him to say she wouldn't press criminal charges if he gave her $7,000 that she intended to use for a breast enhancement.

Prosecutors say Yi allegedly called and texted the lawyer more than 10 times over the next 48 hours, each time indicating that she wanted money in return for not reporting the incident to police.

State Police set up a sting to catch Yi. When she was arrested, they say she admitted what she did was wrong.

On Thursday, she told WBZ-TV that it was all a joke.

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