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Boston Woman Allegedly Breaks Into Police Officer's Home, Attacks Him In Bed

BOSTON (CBS) - A South Boston woman is accused of breaking into the home of her ex-boyfriend, a Boston Police officer, and attacking him and another woman.

Mary Niland faced a judge, bruised and battered and said she was the victim.

Her eye swollen shut; she's facing charges she broke into the police officer's South Boston home in the middle of the night.

"Miss Niland who is his former girlfriend broke into his home uninvited and crept into the bedroom where he was staying with another woman," Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Burke said.

Prosecutors say Niland and the officer were no longer a couple, but at 2:30 a.m. Monday morning, prosecutors argue she broke in and went on the attack.

"He indicated that she was belligerent and that she began punching both him and his female companion as they lay in bed," Burke said.

"The homeowner reported to officers that he jumped out of bed and attempted to restrain Miss Niland and in the struggle Miss Niland fell down the stairs," Burke continued.

Mary Niland
Mary Niland (WBZ-TV)

Niland says they were still a couple and she caught him in bed with another woman and he snapped.

"This is not a case of her trying to attack these people," defense attorney Justine Whelan said. "Looking at her injuries alone she was hit, she was punched in the face with a closed fist."

"She came home after a night out and she found a woman in bed with her boyfriend and at that point he took that out on her," Whelan said.

The officer has not been charged with anything. He is considered the victim, so his name is not being released. Boston Police say they have opened an internal investigation.

Mary Niland was released on bail.


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