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Cape Cod, Islands Could See Up To 3+ Inches Of Snow Monday Evening

BOSTON (CBS) -- We had a close call with a sizeable storm on Monday. It's amazing how a few miles can make such a big difference.

Had Monday's storm track been just a bit tighter to the coastline, we would have been plowing snow across a good portion of southern New England. Instead, the Cape and Islands are just getting scraped by the northern fringes of a nor'easter today.

The snow will make its greatest push north Monday afternoon and early evening, perhaps reaching as far north as the Cape Cod Canal for a few hours. By 8-to-10 p.m. Monday it will already be exiting the area.

Expect at most 1-to-3 inches across parts of the Cape and Islands, with perhaps a bit more over Nantucket. North of the canal, into Plymouth and up through the South Shore, there could be some light ocean-effect snow from time to time.

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One final note on Monday's weather - tides will be very high astronomically. With an onshore wind, there will be some minor splash over and inundation in the typically prone areas to flooding.

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We're back to quiet and cold on Tuesday, but an active, fast-moving weather pattern persists for the rest of the week with rain likely on Wednesday and perhaps a more significant storm early on Friday.

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