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80-degree temperatures to bring summer-like feel to Massachusetts by end of week

BOSTON - I believe it is a popular misconception around here that "we don't have a spring." How many times have you heard someone say, "we just jump right from winter into summah!"

I guarantee you will hear it (or perhaps say it yourself) later this week.

The sad reality is that spring, in general, kind of stinks here in New England. Put it up against the other seasons and I believe it is either third or fourth in line. Of course, this is totally my opinion, and I am sure there are plenty who would disagree. However, most years spring in the Northeast is cool, cloudy and rainy with a few splashes of sunshine. And, when you finally get a warm and dry day, the pollen spikes and the bugs come out and everyone is miserable all over again.

Inevitably, at some point each May, the tides finally turn and the warm winds of summer start to work their way in. Last year it started right around now. From May 9th through May 27th Boston didn't dip below the mid 60s for highs and most of the days were spent in the 70s and 80s. We topped out at 92 degrees on the 26th before the complete weather disaster that was Memorial Day weekend arrived.

Flash forward to spring of 2022 and here we go again.

After spending much of the last two weeks below average, this week will be the one that we all look back at as when the "switch flipped."

While a large portion of the eastern half of the country is leaping into summer over the next few days, as usual, we will be the last to join in. An offshore, nearly stationary low pressure system will keep our primary wind direction onshore through Wednesday. We don't expect much (if any) rainfall, but the wind off the cool ocean will keep eastern Massachusetts in the 50s and areas well inland in the 60s. So, through Wednesday, the key will be patience.

The offshore storm will begin to drift southward on Thursday and finally allow the summer-like airmass to pour into New England. We expect widespread 70s for just about all of New England (except for the very immediate coastline). In fact, I would bet that some spots touch 80 on Thursday and the best bet would be in the valleys (Merrimack and Connecticut river).

If you didn't hit 80 on Thursday, pretty much anywhere away from the immediate coastline should be good for 80+ on Friday. As long as the cloud cover stays minimal, I wouldn't be shocked if a few spots hit 90! Same deal on Saturday.

It will actually start to get a bit humid this weekend, first time we have said that! I wouldn't completely rule out a pop up shower at some point either, especially by Sunday.

So, if you haven't done so already, I would say it is time to set up the patio furniture and take the summer attire out hibernation. Not saying there won't be some bumps in the road on our way to actual summer, but it's time to get this party started.

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