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Boston University To Suspend Partying Students 'Who Won't Take COVID-19 Seriously'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Boston University is taking a strict stance when it comes to partying during the coronavirus pandemic. The school says any student caught hosting or attending a party of more than 25 people on or off campus will be suspended for the fall semester and forced to move off campus for the entire academic year.

"There will be a few students who won't take COVID-19 seriously and their stay in our community will be short-lived – if you host or attend a large off-campus or on campus gathering, social or party, you will be suspended from Boston University," Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore wrote in a letter to the BU community.

Students who are suspended for the semester and kicked off campus will not receive either a tuition or room and board refund, Elmore said. A 24-hour hotline has been set up for students to report large, unmasked gatherings where social distancing is not being observed.

Local leaders are concerned about the return of college students to Boston. Allston-Brighton City Councilor Liz Breadon reports that Boston College is hiring a police detail on weekend nights "to monitor and shut down parties."

Northeastern University sent warning letters to 115 freshmen who responded "Hell Yeah" to student's Instagram poll about whether they planned to party. The school is threatening to rescind admission to enrolling students and remove housing for existing students who host or attend "unsafe gatherings."

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said Wednesday he's asking students to follow guidance from their schools.

"My message to college students that are coming back to Boston and they're moving back this weekend and next weekend is very clear, do not have parties. Do not have parties in your house. Do not have parties in your front yard. Do not have parties on your front porch. Be responsible," he said.

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