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"Boston Strong" The Red Sox & Their Fans Epitomize It!!!!!

    What a spectacular series, an incredible night last celebrate the weekend.   The Boston Red Sox organization made a statement winning the World Series 2013, and I think all of us can share and partake in the pride of being "Boston Strong."  In spirit I was there in Boston, but physically I watched the series and the celebration from Florida where sports fans abound.   Not that many Red Sox fans in my part of Florida but a lot of sports fans to be sure and some high school and collegiate games here attract more fans than many of the professional teams around the country.

I will proudly wear (flaunt) my Boston Strong T-shirt through the weekend and quite honestly, I'd love to be noticed by one local sports writer in particular. His name is Austen Gregerson.   He writes "The Rant" for the St. Augustine Record newspaper and if you'd like to send him a note he's at         Here's some of what he said today in his column:   "...the Red Sox?  I just don't like them. I have no geographic disdain for the Northeast...but even as they hoisted the trophy, all I felt was hate."          Hate Austen?   Did you say "hate?"    Why hate?    Be a critic Austen, make fun of the sloppy way the players wear their uniforms, criticize the silly beards they've been sporting all season, which I did as well.  You could even come down hard on the likes of Big Papi dropping an f-bomb on a jam-packed Fenway Park and a national radio/TV audience but the best you can come up with is "all I felt was hate" when they won the World Series?    A sad commentary coming from a man who perhaps shouldn't comment beyond the Alabama/Auburn rivalry.      Oh by the way, as mentioned I did a "rant" of my own last August, basically expressing disgust with this rag-tag team of professional baseball players looking like they were auditioning for "Duck Dynasty".    I might even have suggested Steinbrenner was right when he demanded his players (even Johnny Damon) get a haircut and shave every day.  Other than that, Steinbrenner was an idiot.

Well the 2013 Baseball World Series Champs may look like the "Gator Boys" but as I promised last August..."finish #1 and I'll retract everything I said."  "I take it all guys are the best.   Uggly with two G's maybe.....but proven to be "the best."     Congratulations Boston Red Sox !!!!!!!!


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