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Boston Restaurants Looking For Workers As Mother's Day Drives Big Business

BOSTON (CBS) - Ahead of a busy Mother's Day, the problem for restaurants isn't getting patrons through the door but rather finding employees willing to work.

This time last year, Tresca in Boston's North End was starving for business at the height of the pandemic.

With the COVID-19 vaccine available, people are dining out again, especially on Mother's Day.

"It's been really insane. People have been coming in droves," said Rich Ansara, Chef and Co-Owner of Tresca. "I've been answering my phone, my personal phone like probably 10 times today – people looking for tables."

Problem now is finding people willing to work to serve on this booked and busy holiday.

"I'm pretty concerned because I'm doing it myself with the family, but we're short of help," said Claudia Spagnuolo of Spagnuolo's Restaurant. "We could use all the help."

Florists also rely on special occasions like Mother's Day to pay the bills all year. But prices are going up due to a flower shortage.

"It's not that flowers are so much unavailable. It's just that you can't get the stuff because people want it! Which is great, right? That's what you want. People want to buy flowers, people want to make each other happy," said Rick Canale of Exotic Flowers Boston.

It finally feels safer to celebrate mom, and just making it through.

"Money to be made. The people are coming back, tourism is starting to pick up," said Spagnuolo. "Hopefully, people aren't scared to come back."

The upside is that people are going out and spending their money again, helping these businesses recoup what they lost last year.

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