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COVID-19 Restrictions Eased In Massachusetts

BOSTON (CBS) - The 9:30 p.m. coronavirus curfew for Massachusetts businesses is no more. Bar and restaurant owners around Boston are breathing a sigh of relief that Governor Charlie Baker is relaxing COVID-19 restrictions and lifting the stay at home advisory.

Jeff Baird owner of The White Bull Tavern near Faneuil Hall is looking forward to bringing some staff back. "We're all excited because this is a late night business you know," Baird said.

"I'd say about 75% of our business was from nine o'clock on so the curfew really hurt more than the capacity," Baird added.

Starting Monday, business including bars, restaurants, liquor stores, movie theaters and casinos can stay open past 9:30. They still have to keep their capacity at 25%.

"Businesses, restaurants are not where a significant amount of the spread is happening," said Tufts Medical Center Epidemiologist Dr. Shira Doron.

Doron does not oppose relaxing some Covid19 restrictions, but is concerned about the message it sends.

"This is really not time to let your guard down. This is really not time to relax any of the personal measures that we're all taking," said Doron.

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