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Phase 1 Renovations Begin On City Hall Plaza

BOSTON (CBS) – Renovations of City Hall Plaza are beginning Mayor Marty Walsh announced Saturday.

The plaza is one of Boston's largest civic areas and since it opened in 1968, it has hosted events ranging from sports celebrations to political rallies. The renovation aims to increase accessibility, create new civic space and offer environmental sustainability.

The top of the Hanover Promenade at City Hall (Image credit: City of Boston)

"This renovation is designed to turn our seven-acre space into a welcoming, accessible space for all," Walsh said. "City Hall Plaza is one of Boston's most-used public spaces, and we are working hard to create safe areas for residents to gather as we strengthen our commitment to civic services in our City."

The first phase of the renovation will focus on making the plaza more accessible and updating program capabilities. Phase 1 plans include opening the north entry, accessibility improvements, an enhanced speakers corner, a flexible platform for performances of varying sizes and stormwater improvements.

new city hall plaza aerial
An aerial view of the City Hall Plaza redesign (Image credit: City of Boston)

The full renovation plans include a new civic engagement building for community meetings, an open play area and a water wall-lined promenade. The renovations will include 12,000 feet of play spaces; 11,000 square feet of terraces and 3,000 new spaces for the public. The space will have room for as many as 25,000 people to gather but include smaller event spaces as well.

Sustainability is an emphasis in the new design, with plans for the planting of 100 more trees, new LED lights, and permeable surfaces to soak up stormwater during severe weather.

Walsh unveiled the project in 2019. During the project, City Hall will remain open.

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