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Boston Red Sox World Series Victory Parade - What You Need To Know

BOSTON (CBS) - If you're planning to come into Boston Wednesday morning for the 2018 World Series victory parade, here's what you need to know.

The Route

The parade starts at 11 a.m. at Fenway Park. It will move down Lansdowne Street, take a right on Ipswich Street, a left on Boylston Street all the way down to Tremont, where the duck boats will turn left and head to Cambridge Street and then right on to Staniford Street where the parade will end.

Red Sox Parade
Red Sox World Series 2018 parade route (WBZ-TV)

There will not be a rally at City Hall Plaza afterwards.

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said they hope the entire parade will take about two hours.

Roads Closed

Several streets will be shut down in the morning. Parking restrictions along the parade route will begin at midnight on Tuesday going into Wednesday.

You can see the full list here.

"We will start towing at 12 a.m. so all those streets should be shut down, so we can take advantage of a clear route," said Gross.

"If you come in early, I suggest you start to come in around 8 o'clock. Remember that people are trying to get to work as well at that time, so be responsible and act responsible," said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

Dress Appropriately

It will be chilly in the morning, but temperatures will rise into the 50's. There's no rain in the forecast. It will be dry and seasonable.

It's also Halloween and some fans may choose to dress up.

"If you're in costume, we just ask you to act respectfully and please no costumes with replica firearms. It won't be tolerated," said Gross. "It doesn't bode well for the festive atmosphere that we expect to enjoy."

Pack Light

Large crowds are expected, possibly up to a million people, so you don't want to have to carry too much stuff around. In other words, don't bring backpacks, coolers, strollers or drones. And leave the alcohol at home. There is no public drinking allowed.

"Alcohol will not be tolerated," said Gross. "And you should know this, this should be common sense, but no weapons at all either."

Take Public Transportation

The MBTA will have extra service and the commuter rail will have extra cars on many lines. Get more information on specific lines at


There will be plenty of police along the parade route. Remember to be safe and if you see something, say something.

For more parade information, visit

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