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A Red Sox Jinx? Tickets For Potential World Series Games At Fenway Are On Sale

BOSTON (CBS) -- As if it had a crystal ball, Major League Baseball is already offering tickets to potential World Series games at Fenway Park. They went on sale Friday at 10 a.m., before anyone could know which teams would be playing in the series.

"I think that they should have waited until they figure out who's going to play. That definitely could be some bad karma for sure," said Damaseau Santiago-Danielli, a fan who was shopping in the souvenir store when the tickets went up for sale.

"I know they have to sell the tickets, but let's win it first," said Paul Villanova, another fan.

Soon after, tickets showed up at places like Higs Tickets.

"For the Fenway games, it looks like they're starting at $500 to $600, just to get into the game," said Higs Tickets owner John Higs.

On StubHub, tickets for the game that doesn't exist yet are going for as much as $1,000.

The highest one on Higs Tickets is at $15,000, which a season ticket holder is offering.

"That's typically someone that's going to go to the game. We tell them list for a price. If they don't sell, you're going to the game," said Higs. "So they'll put up a price and we'll honor it. And if they sell, great, and since that would never sell for that price, they're going to the game."

At the Red Sox souvenir store, managers are dealing with a similar dilemma, as they contemplate potential World Series merchandise.

"You'll have blank T-shirts available," said store manager Tim Pettit. "We can't make World Series stuff until we at least know that we're potentially one win away, and even then, you don't want to make too much."

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