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Thousands Join Boston Protest March For Trangender Rights

BOSTON (CBS) - The voice of protest was again heard at Nubian Square Saturday, but this time another group was joining the call for justice.

The local transgender community filled the streets, marching from Franklin Park to Nubian Square. The long line ended at the local police station.

The local transgender community filled the streets, marching from Franklin Park to Nubian Square. (WBZ-TV)

The march and rally may have had a slightly different look at times, but the message was a familiar one: A demand for equality and an end to discrimination.

"After today we will no longer be silent," said organizer Athena Vaughn."The chains that they tried to put on us are broken, and we're no longer being shackled. We will not be held down. We will fight back."

Thousand marched from Nubian Square to Franklin Park for transgender rights. (WBZ-TV)

The group Trans Resistance says it is made up of trans people of color and their allies. Saturday's event was seemingly inspired by the recent climate of protest in the nation and the variety of voices being heard.

Demonstrator Megan Anderson said the time is right for protest. "We are standing here together in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and our black transgender brothers and sisters. ... We have a monster in the White House right now who is trying to erase transgender women."

The march took place on the day the Pride parade would have been held. That parade was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. (WBZ-TV)

All of this took place on the day that the Boston Pride Parade would have been held. It was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One marcher who simply identified herself as "Lana" put the day in perspective. "I think people are realizing its time for a change. That's all I know. It's definitely time for a change. ... Today was very powerful and meaningful, especially for this community. As somebody who's grown up here, this is an extremely important day."

The event was peaceful but organizers say it showed just how powerful the movement is.

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