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Former Patriot Ben Watson Brings People Together To Pray For Change In Boston Common

BOSTON (CBS) - Lifting their voices in song and in prayer, more than a thousand of the faithful came together on Boston Common to take part in Boston Pray.

Former New England Patriot Ben Watson helped organize the event after the horrific acts of police brutality in Minneapolis. "What is always needed is a spiritual change. That's at the heart of everything. Racism is sin. The idea is to get believers and non-believers to come together and pray and seek God's face in terms of our next steps," Watson said.

Ben Watson helped organize Boston Pray. (WBZ-TV)

Churches, para-church ministries and various Christian organizations marched and worshiped together.

"During this season of tension and racial injustice we want to come together and begin to tackle intentional steps of extended racism and figure out solutions to injustices we've seen," Jua Robinson, of Boston Collaborative, said.

New England Patriot Ja'Whaun Bentley also took part in the service. "Be a voice for the voiceless speak as loud as we can and make our voices heard We are with you and understand it," Bentley said.

Sean Campbell of Arlington was brought to tears. "We must continually pray daily. We are one people," she cried.

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More than 1,000 people gathered in Boston Common on Sunday for Boston Pray. (WBZ-TV)

Boston Pray is not just about people coming together in song and prayer, but it's also about gaining wisdom and how to bring about change through humility and peace.

"When it comes to racism or issues of our day, we must enter into it with humility," Watson said.

Campbell said she was glad she came to be part of a special day. "It's about being black in America. It's about suffrage and pain and depending on my Savior, and it's about being with these people who want to see change," she said.

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