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Boston Police To Target Drivers Who Block Intersections

BOSTON (CBS) - We've all been there; stuck in traffic, and with the light about to turn, we pull into the intersection hoping to get through and end up blocking traffic and causing further gridlock.

Of course, we've all been on the other side, too; cursing out the driver who made that same move, and is now impeding our lane from getting through.

Well, starting Wednesday, drivers in Boston may want to think twice about pulling into an intersection they can't get through.

Boston police are launching a "Don't Block the Box" campaign.

The campaign will target a total of 18 busy intersections around the city, with many of those intersections located in the Longwood Medical Area.

Under the current law, a driver who blocks an intersection can be hit with $150 fine.

The intersections Boston police will target are as follows:

Brookline Avenue and Francis Street
Brookline Avenue and Deaconess Road/Jimmy Fund Way
Brookline Avenue and Longwood Avenue
Longwood Avenue and Binney Street
Longwood Avenue and Blackfan Street
Evans Way and Fenway/Louis Prang Street
Huntington Avenue and Longwood Avenue
Huntington Avenue and St. Albans Road/Mission Street
Huntington Avenue and Fenwood Road
Brigham Circle
Huntington Avenue and Ruggles Street/Louis Prang Street
Atlantic Avenue and Congress Street
Atlantic Avenue and Seaport Boulevard
Congress Street and Purchase Street
Massachusetts Avenue and Albany Street
Massachusetts Avenue and St. Botolph Street
Boardman Street and Leydon Street
Meridian Street and Monmouth Street

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