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Boston Police Officer Shot In Dorchester; Suspect Killed

BOSTON (CBS) - A shooting in Dorchester left one person dead and an officer injured on Saturday afternoon.

Officials say the shooting began after a verbal altercation between two officers and two men in the area of Westville Street and Geneva Avenue.

The altercation reportedly escalated to pushing and shoving before the two men took off running.

The officers ordered the men to stop, which is when one of the men turned around and allegedly opened fire, hitting one of the officers in the arm.

Police say both officers returned fire, killing the suspect.

Officials would not comment on whether the officers were in uniform.

The police officer who suffered a gunshot wound was taken to a Boston hospital. His injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.

The other officer involved in the shooting was taken to the hospital for stress-related issues.

The second man involved in the initial altercation was taken to a police station for questioning. He was not injured, and has not been charged with any crimes at this point.

Officials have not identified the officers involved in the shooting.

Officials said at a news conference that the suspect was very well known to police, but they would not officially identify him. Several sources told CBS Boston that he is Darryl Dookhran, 20, formerly of Boston.

Dookhran has a lengthy police record that includes several violence-related and firearm convictions, including some as a juvenile. In 2011, while attending MassBay Community College, he was arrested after police say they found a loaded semi-automatic gun in his bag.


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