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Boston mother-daughter duo bring 'better-tasting' vodka brand Velo to the bar

Boston mother-daughter duo bring 'better-tasting' vodka brand Velo to the bar
Boston mother-daughter duo bring 'better-tasting' vodka brand Velo to the bar 02:46

BOSTON — A mother–daughter duo is bringing a new vibe to the nightlife scene. A chic vodka brand that has grown quickly.

Colleen and Riley Eyges launched "Velo" vodka two years ago when they realized there may be a market for something different that catered toward a new generation.

"We started with velocity," said Colleen. "We wanted something that people could say. So, we shortened velocity to Velo."

Mother-daughter duo Colleen and Riley Eyges launched Velo vodka two years ago.  Velo Vodka

The origin of the project started when they were dining out and Colleen thought the waitress was sick. 

"We noticed the whole meal she seemed to be missing," explained Colleen. "Like a total mess. So, I'm thinking she's got the flu."

But it turns out, their waitress was suffering because of something else. 

"Finally at the end of the meal she rolls through the door with Pedialyte and ginger ale and I was so excited, I said 'Yes! She's hung over!'"

That incident led to a larger conversation about introducing something new at the bar.

"We were thinking about it and saying why don't we create a better-tasting vodka," said Colleen. "Something super smooth, something that doesn't have a bite or burn to it."

The taste, label, and feeling of this vodka is something they say has more femininity to it.

"Our views, sustainability, clean health and wellness," said Riley. "We were just looking to change things up and not drink our parents' vodka."

The pair discovered GrandTen Distilling in South Boston and took care to find the right formula.

"We went through 17 iterations of Velo to get to this incredibly smooth-tasting vodka," said Colleen.

Though working with family can be tricky at times, both say they wouldn't have it any other way.

"I think it's really fun working together," said Riley. "I feel like we've always been super close. She's raised me to be super independent. So being able to work side by side with her on a project we've done together is awesome."

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