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Man arrested at Boston MBTA station after allegedly pushing woman toward tracks

Man arrested at MBTA station after allegedly pushing woman toward tracks
Man arrested at MBTA station after allegedly pushing woman toward tracks 02:03

BOSTON - A man was arrested in Boston Wednesday after witnesses said he dragged a woman to the platform floor and started moving toward the train tracks.

"I think I was there for the right reason honestly," said Michael Hersey, who intervened when he saw what was happening.

The 69-year-old victim was left screaming on the platform, telling WBZ-TV she didn't know what would happen next. She doesn't want to be identified.

"This guy, he suddenly jumped on me and everything happened so fast. And I was on the floor screaming and yelling," said the woman.

Hersey said he sprang into action, pulling the 33-year-old suspect back and yelling to MBTA employees who called Transit Police.

"Right away and I didn't even think about it. Just grabbed him and got him off of her. And he was just saying something about a mask in America, where do we live," said Hersey.

The victim was apparently targeted because of a reaction to the mask she was wearing.

"I was really, really, really scared, my right hip and my right shoulder is hurting," said the victim.

Hersey took cellphone video when Transit Police came just in time as the man boarded a train. But it was held for police to take him out and take him into custody.

"I was afraid, maybe he was going to kick me and hit me in the head or something while I was on the floor," said the woman. She received medical attention on the platform and Hersey said he's just glad the man did not get away.

"I was hoping he didn't get away because then he could have just gone to the next train stop and done the same thing," said Hersey.

Hersey said he rarely takes the train but his car was broken down and he had no choice. The suspect, who has not been identified, has been charged with assault and battery on a person over 60.  

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