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Keller @ Large: Going Big On Boston's 'Amenities' Is Critical For City's Economy, Mayoral Candidate John Barros Says

BOSTON (CBS) – Mayoral candidate John Barros said one of his major first focuses if elected would be to make Boston's businesses appealing to people who are set to return to their traditional office settings in the city.

Barros was previously a member of the Boston School Committee, former executive director of the Dudley Neighborhood Street Initiative, and was executive director of economic development for former Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

He is also the owner Restaurante Cesaria in Boston. Barros told WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller one of his first tasks as mayor would be "going big" on the city's "amenities."

"We need to make sure that when people come back to the office towers, they don't just go home," Barros said. "People want to come back to the city because they have a place to have a drink with a business colleague because they're able to have a dinner, they're able to catch a show or a concert, These are the things that make us a city that is special."

Keller @ Large: Part 2


Keller also asked Barros about the investigation into Boston Police Commissioner Dennis White.

White has been on administrative leave since February 3, two days after he was sworn in, because of a domestic incident with his ex-wife years ago. An independent investigator was hired to look into the decades-old allegations.

Acting Mayor Kim Janey's office told WBZ-TV she received the investigator's report late Thursday and she will need "several days to digest the information before making a decision."

Barros said he believes White is a "standup public servant."

"The findings are important. I thought the right thing to do was call for an investigation, understand the allegations, understand what evidence the police had. That's still important," Barros said. "It's still important because domestic violence is a very important issue. We have to have zero tolerance and make sure we're protecting victims."

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