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Walsh To Shooting Victims: 'You Need To Step Up And Talk'

BOSTON (CBS) - Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on Thursday decried the gunfire that broke out in Boston neighborhoods on the Fourth of July, with a strong message to the shooting victims.

"The people that got shot, you need to step up and talk about who shot you," Walsh said during a media interview. "You know, and stop blaming the police, and blaming the community and blaming society... if you get shot by a gun and you know who it is, then you need to help us out."

Police investigate a shooting on Fayson Street in Dorchester on July 4 (WBZ-TV)

In Dorchester, four people were injured, one critically, on Fayston Street, where a shooting erupted between grownups arguing at a party when a bouncy house was about 20 yards away.

Hours later, a man in his 30s was shot and killed on Brookford Street in Dorchester.

"If you want to kill each other - it's a horrible thing and I don't want to stand here as mayor and say, 'You know, we're justifying that' - you kill each other. What happens is, you kill an innocent person and you disrupt a whole community," Walsh said.

At the first scene on Fayson Street (near the bouncy house), police said two people shot and suffered non-life threatening injuries. The second shooting occurred on Maywood Street. Frome there, one person was taken to Boston Medical Center in critical condition.

According to Evans, the men injured varied in age from 22 to their late 40s.

Shell cases from three different weapons have been found.

No arrests have been made and witnesses have not been coming forward.

"You've got to talk about who shot you, if you can," Walsh urged victims. "If you can't, you're dead. Then if you're dead, you can't say who shot you, because you're not there to talk about it and that's a real problem."

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