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Keller @ Large: Slow Drivers Infecting Our Local Roads

BOSTON (CBS) - I know you regulars have heard me complain many times about the horrible driving habits of some of our fellow Bostonians, especially the reckless speeding.

But today, I want to spotlight a new problem that seems to be infecting our local roads – slow driving.

I'm not talking about people who stay below the speed limit, or use proper caution on turns. That's fine, and far preferable to the idiots who tailgate you before blowing past at high speed so they can sit at the next red light just ahead of you.

I'm talking about something I've seen in the past, but for some reason, never as frequently as in the last few weeks: people driving at less than half the speed limit with an open road ahead of them on dry roads in broad daylight, for no apparent reason other than to torture the unfortunate drivers behind them.

If and when they do make a turn, it is with the excruciating slowness of someone with a shallow, open bowl filled with goldfish on the seat next to them.

Then there are the people creeping along and blocking traffic with their heads on a swivel as they struggle to recognize their whereabouts.

Yes, our roads can be confusing and our street signs can be hard to read. But this too often seems to me to be people who never gave a moment's thought to where they were headed and how to get there, and can't be bothered to pull over and allow others who do have a clue to pass while they figure it out.

And don't tell me that's just out-of-towners, I know what I see.

The slow drivers may not pose quite as much of a hazard as the speeders, but their disregard for the rules of the road and their fellow drivers is just as bad.

And I have low confidence that this is a problem a President Trump could fix.

Listen to Jon's commentary:

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