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How To Prepare For A Wet Boston Marathon

BOSTON (CBS) – While the weather forecast can change in an instant in New England, Marathon Monday is not looking very pleasant for runners and spectators alike. Conditions for Monday's Boston Marathon may be wet, windy and chilly.

111th Boston Marathon
HOPKINTON, MA - APRIL 16: The elite men head down the hill after the start of the 111th Boston Marathon on April 16, 2007 in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

So how should runners prepare for the elements? We turned to the experts for advice.

WBZ-TV marathon analyst Toni Reavis has covered races all over the world and writes about running on his blog "Wandering In A Running World." He shares some tips below on getting ready to run when it's cold and soggy, as well as an important lesson from former Boston winner Meb Keflezighi:

It's important to stay with your fueling and hydration plan. Just because it's wet and chilly outside, doesn't mean your fueling and hydration needs change on the inside.

Also, bring old clothes you don't mind losing, and maybe a trash bag to the start to keep yourself warm and dry before the race - especially if you find yourself stuck outside for several hours. Then, wear arm warmers, a light pair of gloves and a skullcap during the race. The energy needed to keep you warm is energy that's taken away from muscles working for performance. Tights are also an option, although those you can't easily remove.

In Meb Keflezighi's Marathon debut in New York City 2002, he wore a skullcap to the start on a chilly fall morning. After several miles, he took the cap off once he got warm and threw it to the side of the road. Later, when his energy stores were used up and his body began to rapidly cool and seize up, he wished he still had that cap to put back on.

You can always tuck those light items in your shorts once you've warmed up in the race just in case you might need them later. Don't just throw them away after a few miles like Meb did.

We also got Kathrine Switzer, long-time WBZ-TV marathon analyst and the first woman to officially run Boston, to share what she wears for a wet marathon. Spoiler alert - You might want to bring a garbage bag:

Boston can throw you anything! Come prepared with layers. For a wet marathon, I swear by a very thin long-sleeved wool base layer. When wool gets wet, it stays warm. You can wear this under your running singlet. If you don't have this item, take a lightweight windbreaker that you can put on and take off and tie around your waist.

Gloves or mittens are essential; actually socks work great-- cotton or wool make sure they come up over your wrists, as you lose heat in pulse points. You also lose heat through the top of your head so a baseball hat is very useful also because it keeps the rain off your face. Start the race in warm throw-away clothes and a giant leaf-sized garbage bag with the arms and head cut out and wear until the race starts.

WBZ-TV's Storm Watch Weather Team will be keeping an extra close eye on the forecast for Marathon Monday - especially because Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher is running again this year! You can always find the latest forecast on our Weather Page.

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