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Boston Marathon Weather Forecast: Rain Again, But Better Than Last Year

BOSTON (CBS) - Getting a perfect weather day in April for the Boston Marathon is not easy. In fact, I'm sure that there are varying opinions among runners and spectators as to what a "perfect" day entails. This year will not be perfect. But, forecasts have been steadily improving over the last few days, and I think this year's running will be much more palatable than last.

If anything, runners may be complaining that it is TOO WARM, especially those starting later.

(WBZ-TV Graphic)

Temperatures will be MUCH milder than last year - check!

Winds will be out of the south and southwest, a cross/tailwind as opposed to a direct headwind least year - check!

The rainfall will be showery with breaks and periods of lighter rain, again, nothing like the drenching from last year - check!

So, naturally, when comparing to last year (one of the most miserable Boston Marathons ever run) there are many reasons to be thankful.

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Let's break it down hour-by-hour and drop-by-drop.

9 a.m. Wheelchair Start and 930 a.m. Elite Women Start

Conditions: Cloudy with scattered rain showers
Temperature: 55-58 degrees in Hopkinton
Wind: Early east-northeast winds will already be shifting into the south at this hour. Sustained 5-15 mph, gusts 10-20 mph

10 a.m. Elite Men Start

Conditions: Cloudy with scattered rain showers
Temperature: 58-60 degrees in Hopkinton
Wind: Southerly winds (cross wind). Sustained 10-20 mph, gusts 15-25 mph

(WBZ-TV Graphic)

11 a.m.-Noon Rest of Field 

Conditions: Cloudy with scattered rain showers
Temperature: 60-65 along the route
Wind: South to southwest winds (cross/tailwind). Sustained 12-25mph, gusts 25-35mph

Noon-2 p.m. Elites Finish

Conditions: Mainly cloudy, few breaks of sun, isolated rain showers
Temperature: 60's along the route
Wind: South to southwest winds (cross/tailwind). Sustained 12-25mph, gusts 25-40mph

2-to-4 p.m. Rest of Field Finishes

Conditions: Mainly cloudy, some breaks of sunshine, mainly dry
Temperature: 60's along the route, isolated 70 possible
Wind: Southwest winds (tailwind). Sustained 12-25mph, gusts 25-35mph

(WBZ-TV Graphic)

One last weather note - there is a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm during the race on Monday. Nothing organized or widespread, but at this point we cannot completely rule out a few rumbles of thunder.

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Something to keep in mind come race day for runners and spectators. Marathon officials will be working in conjunction with the National Weather Service, WBZ-TV and MEMA to ensure the safety of everyone along the race route.

We would urge that you stay tuned for updates through the weekend and during the day on Monday if you are planning on attending the race.

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