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Boston Marathon Runner Takes A Knee To Honor 2013 Bombing Victims

BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston Marathon runner who survived the 2013 bombings took time out during Monday's race for a poignant tribute to those killed that day.

Dave Fortier, 54, of Newburyport, was just about done with the race when he slowed down near the finish line and took a knee to honor the victims.

"It's Patriots' Day, but for many of us it's that point that something drastic happened something changed in your life and what do you do with that going forward," said Fortier.

Dave Fortier
Dave Fortier (upper right) pauses to honor the 2013 bombing victims before finishing the 2019 Boston Marathon on April 15. (WBZ-TV)

He paused for a moment then got up and completed the marathon.

"Took a knee and said a prayer that I say in many places, just a thought for survivors and families that lost loved ones and I do my best to get up and try to get across the finish line," he explained.

Fortier suffered hearing loss in his left ear and shrapnel wounds in his foot in the explosions on Boylston Street as he finished the marathon on April 15, 2013.

Dave Fortier
Dave Fortier (WBZ-TV)

He told WBZ-TV Tuesday he has run every year since then and always takes a knee at the bombing site, but Monday had special meaning because this year's marathon fell on the exact same day of the attacks six years ago.

"Every year is special, this one was a little extra special being that day, I finished roughly at about the same time," Fortier said. "Falling on the same day is significant."

Fortier and bombing survivors Celeste Corcoran and Michelle L'Hereux founded the non-profit One World Strong - a global platform for survivors to help people who have experienced similar trauma.

"Peace and unity that's what this is about, we saw Boston come together and we want to help other communities heal," he says.

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