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Boston Marathon Favorite Spencer The Dog Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer

ASHLAND (CBS) -- Spencer the dog, a Boston Marathon fan favorite who inspires runners each year as they pass him in Ashland, has been diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer.

Spencer recently underwent surgery to have a tumor and his spleen removed. But Spencer's owner, Rich Powers, said on Instagram Tuesday the 12-year-old golden retriever was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the spleen.

"Although it can be aggressive Spencer is VERY early and considered low grade. Removing the tumor and spleen was the best move we could have done," Powers wrote. "We are waiting for the doctor to discuss with the oncologist what, if any options, we have and what we can expect."

Powers added that because it was caught early, his family can still expect to have some quality time with Spencer in the near future.

"We are constantly reminding ourselves HE IS STILL HERE there will be plenty of time for tears later. We love him more than can be measured and will continue to treasure him."

Powers said there is a chance he may make it again to cheer runners at the next marathon in April.


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