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Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors Reach Triumphant Milestones

Three people were killed and more than 260 other were injured when two bombs went off near the Boston Marathon finish line in 2013. The road ahead for many survivors has been marked by recovery, resilience, and renaissance. As the man accused of setting off those bombs goes on trial, we look at how the tragedy has been overshadowed by triumphant milestones.

A Husband, Father, Author, Survivor

Jeff Bauman Baby
Erin and Jeff hold their new daughter, Nora, on Monday. (Credit: Jeff Bauman-Facebook)

2014 has claimed to be the greatest comeback year for Jeff Bauman, who lost both legs during the attack. Bauman had been cheering for his girlfriend Erin Hurley near the finish line when the bombs went off .

Hurley is now Bauman's wife. The couple got married in November 2014 after welcoming their new daughter Nora Gail in July.

Bauman also wrote a book called "Stronger," published in April 2014, which describes his life after the attacks. The film production company Lionsgate is turning his book into a movie.

Motivated To Advocacy

Carlos Arrendondo And Marc Fucarile
(Photo Courtesy: Gina Caruso)

Carlos Arrendondo is forever ingrained in our minds as the hero with the cowboy hat who was captured in a memorable photo wheeling injured Jeff Bauman to the medical tent moments after the bombs went off.

Arrendondo is no stranger to tragedy. One of his sons, Lance Corporal Alexander Arrendondo was killed in Iraq while serving with the Marines in 2004. His other son, Brian Arrendondo, took his own life seven years later.

Arrendondo has partnered with the non-profit organization Samaritans and is leveraging his recognition after the bombings to help bring awareness to suicide prevention.

Revisiting the Finish Line

heather abbott
Boston Marathon bombing survivor Heather Abbott (Photo Credit: Alfred Colonese)

Some survivors who vowed to cross the Marathon's finish line did so just one year after the attacks.

Heather Abbott, who lost her left leg, ran the last half-mile with a friend.

Lee Ann Yanni, whose left leg was badly injured in the bombing, ran the full marathon.

Married couple Patrick Downes and Jessica Kensky, who each lost a leg, participated in the full marathon on hand cycles. Kensky placed first in the Women's Handcycle division.

Dancing With Stars

Adrianne Haslet-Davis
Adrianne Haslet-Davis (Photo credit: James Duncan Davidson)

Professional ballroom dancer Adrienne Haslet-Davis, 33, of Boston, initially thought her dancing days were over after losing a leg in the bombings. After performing among millions since her injury, it's clear her dancing days are far from over.

Haslet-Davis danced for the first time on stage at the 2014 TED conference in Vancouver. In 2013, Haslet-Davis also danced in a special tribute to her and other survivors on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars." Rumors are also circulating that she may be a future contestant on the show.

Tying 'The Knot'

Rebekah Gregory & Peter DiMartino
Rebekah Gregory and Pete DiMartino were both injured in the Boston Marathon bombings. (Photo from Facebook)

Rebekah Gregory and Pete DiMartino were cheering on DiMartino's mother who was running the race when they were both injured in the attacks.

Gregory and DiMartino got married in April 2014 in a remarkable way. They were awarded a 'dream wedding' by the wedding website Every aspect of their wedding, including Gregory's dress, the wedding location, and the couples first dance were chosen by readers.

The couple was also featured on the season finale of TLC's wedding show, "Say Yes To The Dress."

After 10 months of marriage, the couple is splitting, Gregory confirmed to People magazine in February.

Gregory, whose leg was amputated in November 2014, is training to run the 2015 Boston Marathon.

Finding Love In Tragedy

In August 2014, James Costello married the nurse who helped treat him after the attack. Krista D'Agostino was a traveling nurse working a six-week rotation at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital while Costello was at the hospital undergoing in-patient therapy. Costello proposed in December 2013 while the couple was on an all-expense paid cruise to Europe for Boston Marathon bombing survivors.

A Slow But Steady Recovery

Marc Fucarile and Jen Regan (Photo from Jim Armstrong) Marc Fucarile and Jen Regan (Photo from Jim Armstrong)

Marc Fucarile was the last survivor to leave the hospital 100 days after the bombings.

Since being home, Fucarile wed his seven-year fiancee Jennifer Regan inside the EMC Club at Fenway Park. He's also been front and center for many events including the one-year Marathon anniversary ceremony and a Sports Illustrated cover story highlighting survivors.

Fucarile has most often been spotted attending the courthouse for hearings relating to accused Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's trial. He plans to attend as many sessions of Tsarnaev's trial.

Mother And Daughter Pay It Forward

Celeste and Sydney Corcoran
Boston Marathon Bombing survivors Celeste Corcoran (C) and her daughter Sydney Corcoran (R) react after crossing the finish line with Celeste's sister Carmen Acabbo at the 2014 B.A.A. Boston Marathon on April 21, 2014. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

One of the blasts took both of Celeste Corcoran's legs. Her daughter Sydney also suffered serious injuries to her foot.

In the same year, Sydney, then 18, graduated from Lowell High School, won the title of prom queen and received a full scholarship to Merrimack College.

Celeste, 48, learned to walk again with the help of state-of-the-art prosthetic legs that were provided to her through the organization 50 Legs. She and Celeste have partnered with the organization to raise money for other amputees across the country to receive the same life-changing prosthetics.

Richard Strong

Jane Richard new leg
Jane Richard with her new running leg. (Richard family photo)

The Richard family has arguably embodied what it means to be Boston Strong. Martin Richard, 8, was the youngest victim of the bombings. His then 7-year-old sister Jane, who was also watching from the sidelines on Boylston Street when the bombs detonated, survived but lost her leg. Parents Denise and Bill were also injured. Since Martin's death, the family has moved full force to rebuild their lives and preserve Martin's memory.

After spending 10 weeks in the hospital, Jane finally went home with a prosthetic leg and crutches. In March 2014, Jane was outfitted with a running leg known as a "Cheetah."

A confident photo of Jane with sporting her 'Cheetah' publicly shared in March showed "just how far Jane has come on what has been a long and difficult road to recovery," the family said in a statement. She has since learned to walk, run and dance again.

The family has also created The Martin W. Richard Charitible Foundation. Among their fundraising efforts, they have created Team MR8, which brings together a group of people to run the Marathon each year in Martin's honor.

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