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Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Prepares To Testify

BOSTON (CBS) - One of the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing is making huge strides in her recovery and getting ready to testify against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

It's a victory Rebekah DiMartino has been waiting for since the attack. After deciding to amputate her leg injured in the bombing two years ago, she's finally back at home with a new prosthetic.

"Like I refer to it as a bad boyfriend," DiMartino says of her injured leg. "And it was, I had to finally cut it out of my life for good."

Now, she's preparing for the trial, where she will face the man accused of taking her leg away.

"If he gets the death penalty, or life in prison, my life is still going to be the same," she says. "I don't feel it's my judgment to make."

Back at home in Texas, DiMartino is focused on caring for her son, and learning to walk again.

"I can't hold any hatred or anger in my heart, because that is not going to help me in moving on with my life."

And she already has big plans.

"I am running the Boston Marathon in April, and that may sound crazy, but I will do it," she says.

The 27 year old had more than a dozen operations on her leg, before deciding to amputate. She now says it's the best thing she's ever done for herself.

DiMartino put the word "blessed" on her prosthetic leg. "Because that is exactly what I am," she said. "I am so incredibly blessed."


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