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Boston Marathon To Give Bib Number 321 To Neurodivergent Athlete Each Year

BOSTON (CBS) – March 21, or 3-21, is the date for World Down Syndrome Day. It's also the number that signifies the chromosome that causes Down syndrome.

Now, it's the Boston Marathon bib number that will always be held for a neurodivergent athlete.

This year, the runner wearing bib 321 is Chris Nikic, who ran his first Boston Marathon back in October.

He's also the first athlete with Down syndrome to complete an Ironman Triathalon.

And now, Chris is the first Adidas-sponsored athlete with Down syndrome.

He and his dad Nik told WBZ-TV they're hoping every marathon will follow Boston's lead and dedicate bib 321 to a neurodivergent athlete.

"When I see what Adidas has done for him and I see what the Boston Marathon is doing for him, they're really not doing it for him per se, they're doing it for all those other parents and giving them hope," Nik said.

"He's absolutely right. This is not about me. it's about everyone that needs to be included," Chris told WBZ about his message. "Because if Chris Nikic does the Boston Marathon, I can do it too!"

Chris has set an impressive goal to shave more than an hour off his Boston Marathon time next month and run the race in less than 5 hours.

You can watch live coverage of the 126th Boston Marathon on WBZ-TV and CBS on Monday April 18, 2022.

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