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Local Brewery Makes Beer With Athletes In Mind

BOSTON (CBS) – After carbo-loading runners cross the Boston Marathon finish line, more than a few will lift a glass to their efforts.

One local brewery is making beers with athletes in mind.

The big crowd pouring into the pop-up beer garden in Ashland near Mile 23 is thirsty. Medfield-based Zelus Brewing is serving up pints with names like "Race Pace."

It's not just the names that may appeal to runners. Zelus beers boast more of the ingredients athletes use for recovery -- calcium, potassium and salt. And less alcohol.

Zelus Beer Company created a brew aimed at athletes. (WBZ-TV)

Founder and triathlete Geoff Pedder set out to make good beer that active people could enjoy together.

"At all these races I went to, I noticed that people drank beer afterwards," he said.

"It's a social product. A lot of people competing in races aren't competing to win. They're doing it to meet people -- the community aspect," added Pedder.

He won't call it beer with benefits. But Jason MacDonald, running his first Boston Marathon on Monday wants to find out.

"Sodium, potassium -- makes me want to have one on the route, too!" he joked.

A pop-up beer garden in Ashland near the Boston Marathon route. (WBZ-TV)

Beer drinkers have a taste for big flavors and low alcohol. Zelus now cans its beers in Ipswich three times a month.

The pop-up beer garden in Ashland is only open two weeks. But economic development director, Beth Reynolds says many people would like to see it stay for good.

"This was a great opportunity to test-drive the market. To see if a brewery would fit in our town and it seems the crowd is loving it tonight," she said.

In case you're wondering, it's named Zelus after the Greek spirit of competition.

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