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Boston Makes Changes Where Cyclist Fatally Struck By Truck

BOSTON (CBS) -- One month after the death of a bicyclist in the Back Bay, the city has installed new Flexi Cones along a dangerous section of bike lane to try and improve bike safety.

Truck - Bicyclist Killed In Back Bay
Boston police released this image of the truck after the cyclist was killed. (Photo credit: Boston Police)

38-year-old Cambridge resident Anita Kurmann was hit by the rear wheel of a flatbed truck as it turned off Massachusetts Avenue onto Beacon Street around 7:05 a.m. on Aug. 7.

Anita Kurmann (Photo credit: Boston University School of Medicine)

The city has repaved and repainted the corner; however, some cyclists are expressing doubts that the changes will help.

While videotaping cyclists navigating the area, cyclist Paul Schimek told WBZ NewsRadio's Lana Jones he's not convinced the changes will make much of a difference.

"I wanted to do something about it, and then I see the city has (done) something about it," he said, "But I'm really wondering if it's really going to solve the problem or make it worse."

The bike lane is now clearly marked to the right of the right-turn lane for vehicle traffic.

"Even the conscientious motorist is looking and yielding, but there may be another bicyclist coming that wasn't there when you first looked," Schimek says.

Schimek said he would prefer a different configuration.

"(There needs to be) a right-only lane and...a bike lane to the left of that," he said. "So, the bicyclist basically just have to stay where they are, move slightly over, and motorists have to merge right if they're turning right, which is the normal pattern. Then when you get to the intersection, there is no conflict."

City transportation officials have said they are committed to ensuring safe access to Boston streets for everyone.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Lana Jones reports

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