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Logan Airport To Run Virtual Security Line Pilot Program

BOSTON (CBS) - With traveling set to ramp up this summer, Boston's Logan International Airport is running a virtual security line pilot program to help passengers avoid long waits in TSA lines and reduce travel stress.

The airport partnered with the UK-based accesso Technology Group to launch an eight-week trial implementation of the program in April. The virtual security line program offers virtual queueing, which allows travelers to check-in to security through their mobile device.

Passengers will then follow a countdown to see their remaining wait time, and they will be notified when it's their turn to enter the line.

After entering the line, airport staff will then conduct a contactless scan of the QR code so the traveler can redeem their place in line.

"The TSA line creates stress for many travelers, so our goal for this pilot program is to see if a virtual queue improves the customer experience by helping to reduce some of that stress while traveling," said Kwang Chen, Chief Information Officer at the Massachusetts Port Authority, in a press release.

This is the first time accesso's technology has been implemented in the airline industry.

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