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Boston Installs Shared Bike Lane On Huntington Ave Where Cyclist Was Killed

BOSTON (CBS) - The city of Boston moved to make a notoriously dangerous stretch of Huntington Avenue somewhat safer for cyclists by installing partial bike lanes.

Shared Lane Markings, also known as Sharrows were painted Friday night on the stretch of Huntington Avenue between the Museum of Fine Arts and Massachusetts Avenue.

After a June 2 crash took the life of Boston College graduate student Kelsey Rennebohm , Mayor Menino vowed to take a serious look at the stretch of road that has claimed the lives of three cyclists in the past five years.

Shared Lane Markings are typically placed in areas where there is not enough room for a designated bike lane.

Because of the narrowness of the roadway on Huntington Avenue, installing a bike-only lane would likely require eliminating a car lane or removing part of the sidewalk.

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