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METCO Leaders, School Superintendents Gather In Hyde Park To Call For Racial Justice

HYDE PARK (CBS) – Superintendents from 33 school districts in Boston's suburbs joined METCO leaders Friday afternoon in Hyde Park to call for racial justice and equity after the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota. They say it's time for school officials and front line workers in the classroom to stand with their black students who are under attack

The event at McGann playground was the latest in a series of gatherings in Boston and around the nation since Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer May 25.

"To our black community I want you to know that we hear, we see you, we mourn with you and support you, we mourn you," President and CEO METCO Incorporated, Milly Arbaje-Thomas said. "We want to stress that the educational system must become an antidote for structural racism."

The superintendents and leaders from METCO, which has worked to integrate schools in Greater Boston since 1966, want to make one statement with one collective voice.

"We have a long way to go, and I'm hoping this shows solidarity, stimulates thinking on the part of other school districts about becoming more public in their support of equity," Bedford Schools Superintendent Jon Sills told WBZ-TV.

Tears were shed and prayers were offered for George Floyd and all those impacted by social injustice and racism around taking place around the nation.

"We know this journey is not an easy one, and we know there are many sacrifices when you're putting people of diverse backgrounds together. It doesn't come easy and there's a lot of work to do, but we're making a commitment to make that experience better for them," Arbaje-Thomas said.

The 33 school districts represented by the superintendents are part of the METCO program which supports 3,000 students from Boston who attend schools in the suburbs.

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