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Boston Hospitals Join Nationwide Effort To Better Understand Long COVID

BOSTON (CBS) - Up to 30% of patients who get infected with COVID-19 go on to develop what's often referred to as long COVID, with lingering symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, shortness of breath or headaches, which itself has become a public health crisis.

Six Boston-area hospitals and healthcare centers have joined forces to form the Greater Boston COVID Recovery Cohort as part of a nationwide effort to better understand long COVID. Over the next year, more than 900 adult patients will be enrolled here in Boston and more than 17,000 around the country.

"First and foremost," says Dr. Michael Jordan, an infectious disease specialist at Tufts Medical Center, "we're looking to understand what types of patients are more or less likely to develop long COVID, we're looking to diagnose long COVID, and finally, we hope to identify treatments for long COVID."

Dr. Jordan says African Americans and other marginalized communities have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19, so researchers are making great efforts to recruit patients from minority populations.

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