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Veteran Reunited With Military ID Lost Decades Ago In Boston Harbor

BOSTON (CBS) -- A veteran has recovered a priceless treasure lost for half a century in Boston, thanks to a snowstorm and some thoughtful construction workers.

Patrick Slominski was serving in the Navy in the winter of 1969 when he lost his military ID in Boston Harbor. He never returned to the city and now lives in Michigan.

The lost military ID (Image credit: WNEM)

The military ID washed up at a construction site a few weeks ago when parts of Boston flooded.

Workers found the ID and mailed it to Slominski.

"I think that was very nice of them," the veteran said. "I'd like to sit them down at the bar and buy them each a drink."

Patrick Slominski, reunited with his military ID. (Image credit: WNEM)

The workers also mailed a sign to Slominski thanking him for his service.

Thanking the veteran for his service (Image credit: WNEM)
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