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Watch Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot do a 540-degree flip

Web Extra: Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot shows off skills
Web Extra: Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot shows off skills 01:10

WALTHAM - Atlas the Boston Dynamics robot is doing its best Simone Biles impression in the latest viral video for the Waltham-based company. 

The humanoid robot is first seen in the video above demonstrating skills like picking up, carrying and throwing objects before knocking down a wooden box and performing a 540-degree flip off of it.

"Such a show-off," a man in the video says.

In a behind-the-scenes explanation, Boston Dynamics says that while the video may look similiar to past viral hits featuring "parkour" and backflips, Team Lead Scott Kuindersma says now they are focusing on making Atlas useful in the workplace.

"Now we're starting to put Atlas to work and think about how the robot should be able to perceive and manipulate objects in its environment while maintaining that characteristic high level performance," he said.

Boston Dynamics says real world-applications for Atlas could be in disaster-response scenarios and other situations that may not be safe for humans. 

Last summer, Boston Dynamics' robot dog Spot was seen being utilized by police for security at Fourth of July celebrations on the Esplanade. 

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